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STEEL Structure

Benefits of Using Structural Steel for Your Building


Without structural steel our world would look quite different. There would be no skyscrapers creating unique patterns against the sky. Buildings would be just a few stories tall and additional square footage would be made up in length and width. Cities would sprawl much farther than they do today. Structures built of materials other than steel would not withstand the extreme weather and seismic events the earth throws at us.

Safety is the primary goal of any building; steel provides a majority of the safety benefits everyone expects when they enter a structure.

  • Steel is non-combustible. It does not ignite nor spread flames.

  • It is resistant to rust and corrosion when properly coated.

  • It does not mold or mildew.

  • It resists splintering and shattering during extreme movement.



What makes Metal roofing different from other roofing?

Both clay and asphalt roofing are typically composed of shingles. When a clay and asphalt roof is installed, these shingles are placed and attached onto the foundation of the roof. Most metal roofing are composed of sheets, but some of them use shingles in their construction as well. Because metal roofing uses sheets, anything that encounters them will slide off of said roofs much easier than with clay and asphalt. This is true even if the metal roofing is comprised of shingles.

Another thing that separates metal roofing from other kinds of roofing is that they are much more thin than other roofing. This means they are lighter and will require a lot less support than asphalt or clay shingle type roofing. In nearly all cases of roof installation, the entire previous roof needs to be removed before the new roof can be installed.


Steel Structure Platform

Home Alloy is fabricator for steel structures for mezzanines, platforms, equipment support structures, catwalks, crossovers and steel towers. 


A steel structural platform is a quick way to gain additional space at height without having to make costly structural changes to the floor plan. 

Steel platform also known as the work platform. Modern steel structure platform structure in various forms, functions are readily available. Its structure is the biggest feature of the whole assembly structure, design flexibility, in the modern storage is more widely used.

The engineering structure made of steel is usually composed of beams, columns, plates and other components made of steel and steel plate. The parts are connected with welds, screws or rivets.

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